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Poet. Writer. Doer. Member, Young India Foundation. Volunteer, UNHCR. Volunteer, Myna Mahila Foundation. Creator, Dailyhunt.
A woman cries near the body of her son, killed during a shelling at the hospital of Donetsk’s Tekstilshik district, on Feb. 4. (Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty Images)

Disclaimer: In the frame of the 70th anniversary of the UNHCR, the UNHCR Office in Ukraine invited volunteers to research and write about the situation in Ukraine. I am pleased to present my material. Any opinions, analyses, interpretations, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or its Executive Board.

Alina is a 63-year-old pensioner who resides in a conflict-affected neighborhood of Donetsk oblast in eastern Ukraine. She takes care of her 42-year-old daughter who is a person with a disability…

Illustration by Jeannie Phan

In an 8th grade Biology textbook, Menstruation is defined as, “The periodic blood that flows as a discharge from the uterus.” Over the last decade, a vast volume of sociological terminology relating to menstruation has become a part of living room conversations and media discourse. These terms reflect upon the varied phenomena associated with menstruation — from “menstrual stigma” that is now regarded as a form of misogyny to “menstrual liberation” and “menstrual education”, social scientists have coined multiple terms to define society’s relationship with women’s bodies. Throughout this period, we have drawn intersections between menstruation and public policy, healthcare…


To stammer is to speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words. I have had a stammer ever since I started speaking. Over time, I have made certain stylistic alterations in my speech to reduce the occurrence of a stammer. In this process, I have learned that people who stammer are complex individuals. We can be active participants at conferences and other public speaking platforms, and at the same time, we can struggle to pronounce our name on a phone call. We can be writers, leaders and excellent communicators, and at the same…

Loose cotton garments hanging from the suspended drying rod, above a water-soaked rag cloth splayed across the floor; a folded newspaper placed on a hand-woven dhurrie; diagonally across a window, an afternoon sun strolling into an empty bedroom with clean crease-less bed sheets, tea stained walls, and the hunched figure of a Northeastern woman dressed in a tired sesame kameez, resting against the vertical edge of a wall, calmly tossing porcelain crockery out of the window into the valley below.

from grandmothers to mothers to sisters, generations of fury clothed in expressions of minor distress, gentle discomfort and feminine modesty…

In the middle of my phone call with a politically conscious friend, my mother rolled her eyes at me and muttered, “Why don’t you become a political leader, if you are so politically aware?”

I dismissed the remark. Over the years, such remarks had become increasingly commonplace, despite the supposedly progressive parenting that I had been exposed to. However, the remark led me to question the kind of atmosphere that prevails within households, the kind of parenting that young adults receive, and the subtle mechanisms that dismantle the security of a home.

Today, we find ourselves in the midst of…

A raw, unadulterated kind of love.

Volumes and vessels. Recesses and rooms. Shallows and shadows. Mosques and minarets. Cathedrals and chambers.

You’re an echo without an origin.

You’re the volume of a vacant vessel.

You’re the magnificence of monuments, you’re a Broadway show amidst yellow city lights and a silent history amidst ruined sculptures and incomprehensible scriptures.

You’re the blood on the crucifixion and the cassock.

You’re a room with no walls, a door on the ceiling, and a chandelier on the floor.

You’re the boulevards that broaden into pavements, that open into lanes, that widen into alleys and arteries.

You’re an anthology of absurdities.


A message for journalists everywhere, in verse

Credit: Simone Golob/Corbis/Getty

Censorship: The suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, a threat to society, or subversive of the common good.

Blank space. Backspace. Strikethrough.

Coffee brewed. Diplomatic issues. Prudent avenues.

Deceptive reviews. Rating and revenue. A fabricated worldview dipped in sweet, rhetorical fondue.

Write. Delete. Write. Bleed. And rue.

Journalism: The activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites, or preparing news to be broadcast.

That is how ruthlessly the dictionary defines an art that governs our self-governance,

that echoes the chaotic oblivion of statistical theses,

that goes…

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